Monthly Meetings

ICF British Columbia Interior Chapter holds monthly meetings on the 4th Thursday of the month, 6:30-8:30pm except July, August and December – check the list below for specifics.

Due to the COVID 19 Virus effective immediately all our meeting will be virtual.

Anyone interested in learning more about coaching can attend. For those unable to attend in person, we have a video-conference option. Contact us for more details

3rd Annual Coaching Mini-Conference

Come join us at Manteo Resort Hotel for a great day of learning, sharing & networking!!!
Details and tickets can be found at

See You There!!!

ICF-British Columbia Interior Chapter Monthly Meetings 2019-2020

Meeting Date:    Topic:
Sept 26, 2019 







Welcome to a new season –

  • Intro of new Chapter Executive.
  • This Months Presenter: James Hodges (CEO & Co-Founder) eMpowered
  • Breaking down a live enrollment (sales) call so you can increase sign up rates
    by 37% in two months

    • In this webinar you will learn how to:
      ● Understand the structure and framework of what an enrollment (sales) call should look like
      ● Break down the science of the most important part of an enrollment call and where you should
      place your attention
      ● Reveal the 25 cognitive biases impacting every one of your clients and you can leverage them to get them to ‘I WANT TO BUY’ more often
Oct 24, 2019



  • This Months Presenter: John Whitehead, MA, PCC, CEC 
  • Understanding Client Social and Communication Styles 
    • Participants will learn how to identify their own style of communicating (verbally) and to identify and adapt their message to be better understood by their colleagues, clients and complainers. The session is designed in a workshop format, and audience participation will be encouraged. Come to the session to “talk about it”.
Nov 28, 2019
  • This Months Presenter: Kathy Taberner, MCC
  • ICF New Code of Ethics
Dec 2019

No Meeting –

Jan 23, 2020

Christine Martell—Visual Speaks

Feb 27, 2020










Deb Fortney—Heart Meditation.   Heart Thoughts

Presenters will share their heartfelt experiences of coaching people in small groups and individually using mindfulness, heart coherence and intention to create the desired outcomes they want in their lives.

Themes covered in this presentation:

  1. Effective transformational coaching involves engaging the mind, heart, and spirit.
  2. Using heart coherence, along with the premise that “people have all the answers within themselves”, transforms the coaching process.
  3. The use of intention changes people’s realities.

Feel free to bring your own beverages to the meeting. If you wish to bring dinner to have at the meeting, please feel free to do so.


March 26, 2020






James Garret—Habits

Habits are our brain’s go to tool to tackle almost any goal or task, which is why helping your clients get in the driver’s seat of their habit-making machinery can be a game changer. You’ll walk away with everything you need to help your clients know to start making measurable change.  Just like learning how to play the piano, learning how to form positive habits is a skill set.  Attendees will learn concrete strategies and habit-building systems that will de-mystify why habit-building and behavior change are so hard, and how you can help your client overcome their internal obstacles.

April 23, 2020


A virtual round table discussion on each of us are doing in these challenging times… Tips, tricks, ideas, sharing…

Please join us!

May 28, 2020







Virtual Meeting with Leadership Coach Lorraine Richmond

The Trust Dashboard for every leader post-Covid19; and why every word matters

Pre-Covid19 business was typically wrapped up in a veneer of 1) professionalism, 2) heroic leadership, 3) superiority via education, status and stuff, 4) power-over, 5) comparisons. and 6) I over We culture. As coaches and influencers of human behaviour, our work may have carried its own mirror of I over WE in an internal relentlessness to live our own values proposition in a meaningful way (while hopefully earning an sustainable income).

Mid-Covid19 and post-Covid19 has ushered/will usher in a new reality for humanity and its rules of behaviour. Who are we now?  Whom are we becoming? What is needed to be future-fit?

Trust has always been the core of sustainable, meaningful relationships in business and in life. While tomorrows world may evolve differently that we ever imagined, the art and science of trust will remain as the golden thread woven through history as it is currently being rewritten.

Discover or rediscover the neuroscience of the Trust Dashboard; and why every word matters.

June 2020

COACHES SOCIAL – Details coming soon