• Certified Executive Coach C.E.C.
  • EQ-i2.0™ / EQ360™ Certified Practitioner

Education & Training

  • Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC
  • Executive Master of Business Administration, Athabasca University, St. Albert, AB
  • Advanced Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, Athabasca University, St. Albert, AB
  • Panel Chair/Auditor: Ontario Colleges Quality Assurance Services, Toronto, Ont.
  • Community College Education Diploma, Nova Scotia Community College, Halifax, NS
  • Bachelor of Science B.Sc., University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

Coaching Focus & Expertise

Transforming Leaders from Where They Are to Where They Want to Be My background consists of more than 25 years in senior leadership roles in the healthcare and higher education sectors and my coaching practice is focused on helping new/emerging leaders from all sectors to transition into their new and challenging roles.  I also work with seasoned senior leaders to achieve their personal and work goals as they attempt to expand their leadership skills and also find balance so they can perform to their highest level.

Coaching Philosophy & Style

I believe everyone has the potential to achieve the goals they set out for themselves.  Sometimes both their personal and work environments need to be prioritized in order to see the clear path forward. The ever-changing and challenging management and leadership environments that exist in today’s workplaces can be overwhelming at times and the role of the executive coach is to help these leaders envision and understand the “what” and the “how” of the steps required to achieve the future they desire. My approach is to be the client’s calm, confidential, forthright and trusted coaching partner, “nudging” them towards their goals, or, when necessary “pushing hard” to ensure they don’t become stuck in a place they do not want to be.

Phone: (236) 422-4473 or (250) 462-5095 (cell)