John Singleton, Singleton Consulting

Leadership, Executive, Business, Personal


  • Certified Executive Coach



  • Royal Roads University Victoria BC


Coaching focus/ expertise

  • Executive and Leadership Coaching


coaching philosophy/style

  • The “Pencil” Coaching

“A coach is a person who is ‘The Pencil’ in your hand helping you draft the plans you choose the path, the methodology, and the activities that will bring you closer to your objectives. Together we will find a methodology that stretches you to find what is within and together we will use that information to move forward in your search.

My role is to facilitate, dreaming, visioning, growth and learning. I will be your sounding board and as you move ‘The Pencil’ as you wish to, you will draft your vision and the best plans for you to succeed.

Coaches are tools to be used, not the answer-givers that provide short term results. I will be the ‘The Pencil’ that draws the long term sustainable changes that you design and commit to.

I believe that all people are inherently good and want to do the right thing.

Coaching builds relationships built on trust and safety where you are able to be vulnerable.

I believe that the success of coaching and the relationship it builds in not in solving a problem, success is in the journey itself to find a better and more effective you.

In order to change our lives we must be willing to change our habits. That will be uncomfortable and stretching and fun. So enjoy!”

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