Anita Reimer, Coach Reimer

Life, Health & Fitness


  • ACC



  • Coach University – Core Essentials and Advanced Training Program



Coaching focus/ expertise

  • Life, Health Coaching



What you (your client) want to know about me


My ideal clients are hungry for change and getting more out of life. I work with people who are stuck in various areas – their health, their relationships, prioritizing, setting boundaries, and who are between transitions. My clients are usually seeking clarity, a plan, motivation, and accountability.


I love seeing growth and transformation people’s lives.


My coach approach is to explore by asking many clarifying questions. I like to use vision work to help the client see where they would like to go and what is possible. Together we create an action plan that works for them and celebrate their successes!

I can help with people who need clarity, motivation, accountability, and to break down the overwhelm into doable action steps.


In my other life I am an actor for both the stage and screen. I also love to travel internationally, study languages, run, ski, bike, and lift weights

Phone: 604 - 831 - 3600
Email: [email protected]