Maja Karlsson, Silver Rain Coaching & Consulting

Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Retirement & Career Transitions, Organizational Change Management & Transitions, Holistic Life: Holistic Life, Values, Purpose Coaching, Small Business, Organizational Culture


  • ACC (International Coach Federation)

  • CPCC (Coaches Training Institute)

  • EQi™and EQi360™Certified

  • Registered Dietitian


Education & Training

  • MA Leadership, Royal Roads University

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, CTI

  • BSc (Dietetics) – University of British Columbia


Coaching Focus & Expertise

  • Holistic Life

  • Leadership

  • Values, Purpose Coaching

  • Entrepreneurs/Small Business

  • Organizational Culture

  • Career/Transition


Coaching Philosophy & Style

I bring my whole self when I’m coaching.

I have a varied background that includes health, leadership, organizational culture, personal development and more. As your coach I bring all these things with me to help you create clarity from the overwhelm that threatens to overtake you in your work or your life.

I serve successful women and men who have come to wonder: “Is this the life I really wanted?” Life feels unauthentic, and based on a dream that now seems like it was someone else’s.

No matter how much you achieve, you are constantly searching for “the thing” that will bring true fulfillment. What you have never feels like it’s “enough” or “complete” because you have lost track of what is really important.

When you work with me, you will know your OWN agenda and have the strength, commitment, clarity and confidence to finally reclaim your life!

Phone: 250-718-2078
Email: [email protected]