Gil Davidson, advantage management consulting

Leadership, Executive, Team


  • PCC,

  • CPCC


Education & Training

  • University of Cape Town/B.Bus.Sci.


Coaching Focus & Expertise

  • Rising Stars and Executives

  • Team Coaching

  • Coach Skill Training for Leaders

  • General Leadership Development


coaching philosophy/Style

Gil’s clients most often describe her as ‘insightful’ and ‘direct’.  With a business administration degree, a coaching certification, 10 years corporate experience and 15 years running her own business, she brings a rare blend of strategy and Emotional Intelligence.

What makes Gil tick on a personal level?  Tasting the fullness of life! To her that means; daily moments with her husband and kids; meaningful, life-giving work interspersed with times of outdoor adventure (climbing, skiing, canoeing) and a deep faith in God.

Gil develops organisational leaders through a combination her personality, education (CPCC & B.Bus.Sci.), global experience and her tool kit (including behavioural and 360 type assessments).  You will leave her coaching with tools and insights that expand your capacity to act with clarity and confidence.

Even the most talented leaders have gaps and blind spots.  That doesn’t limit their success.  Ignoring those gaps and blind spots is what really trips people up.

  • If you connect with this bio, then you probably are an ideal client for Gil, and I invite you to contact her as a potential coach.

Phone: 250.215.1288
Email: [email protected]