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Finding the right professional coach for your needs usually entails having a preliminary conversation about the coaching process to determine what your expectations and goals are and whether you and the coach will be a good fit working together.

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The ICF British Columbia Interior Chapter has an extensive membership of professionally trained, accredited coaches offering a variety of services, including:

Benefits of working with a Professional Coach

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as:
Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Working with a professional coach can help you gain fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence, as well as appreciable improvement in productivity, satisfaction with life and work, and the attainment of relevant goals.


Taryn Brady

Leadership, Retirement & Career Transitions, Organizational Change Management & Transitions, Career As a Career and Leadership Coach, Taryn’s expertise has helped hundreds of engineering students through the recruitment cycle in Engineering Cooperative Education.

Brandon Cavezza

Personal, Transition, Interpersonal Communications I view coaching as a meaningful partnership that provides an opportunity for learning and growth through thoughtful action and commitment. I am passionate about helping others move forward in a way that honors each of our unique qualities and intentions.

Lee Crevier

Leadership Everyone knows themselves best and have all the answers they need! They just require the right space and questions.

Gil Davidson

Leadership, Executive, Team Gil’s clients most often describe her as 'insightful' and 'direct'.  With a business administration degree, a coaching certification, 10 years corporate experience and 15 years running her own business, she brings a rare blend of strategy and Emotional Intelligence.

Kathy Fahey

Retirement & Career Transitions, Organizational Change Management & Transitions As your coach, I am your development partner and deeply committed to your success. The coaching process creates a safe environment that invites you to lean into your own knowledge and instincts, believe in your own capacity to take risks and change, and develop courses of action that will move you toward your desired goals.

Lorrie Forde

Leadership, Business, Personal, Group My belief that we all have our own best answers and that everyone deserves to have a coach are the foundation for the work that I do.  My clients move to action on their goals as we gain clarity on the direction they'd like to go and then re-frame the hurdles that are standing in their way

Carol Gray

Leadership, Executive The primary focus of my coaching is serving those who lead and work in health care or health related fields, whether it be hospitals, community, non-profit organizations, or the private sector. Our services offered by my company include executive coaching, workshops, consulting, and public speaking.

Barb Halpenny

Middle Managers When it comes to discovering potential, it all begins with a conversation.  We all have personal and professional goals.  Coaching is a process of inquiry leading to different ways of thinking that help individuals identify the best possible solutions.  I provide a thinking partnership to help my clients create environments of growth and opportunity and decide what they really want to do.  I create a safe, trusting, caring, compassionate environment that provides an open, easy, tranquil place to talk about what matters.

Helene Iliefe

Life My faith in God and the teachings from servant leadership are definitely the foundation of my coaching style. My coaching style embraces focusing on how to ‘be part of the solution’. Clients have enjoyed the personal empowerment that emerges from that.

Diane Jolicoeur

Life, Transition, Career Diane approaches coaching from an intuitive and compassionate perspective. A broad and reflective life experience enables her to understand and appreciate the personal freedom and fulfillment clients gain through making genuine connection between who they are and what they do

Maja Karlsson

Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Retirement & Career Transitions, Organizational Change Management & Transitions, Holistic Life: Holistic Life, Values, Purpose Coaching, Small Business, Organizational Culture I serve successful women and men who have come to wonder: “Is this the life I really wanted?” Life feels unauthentic, and based on a dream that now seems like it was someone else’s.

Marty Playford

Leadership, Executive, Action Learning Forums, MENTOR COACHING FOR CREDENTIALING AT THE ICF’S ACC AND PCC LEVEL The importance of creating a partnership that supports my client’s learning and achieving their specific goals.  Challenging my clients to play big and show up as their authentic self. Celebrating success!

Chantal Staerkle

Life, Career People are naturally resourceful; they just need to gain a better understanding of their life in order to move further in their life and career.

Bruce Tawse

Leadership I believe everyone has the potential to achieve the goals they set out for themselves.  Sometimes both their personal and work environments need to be prioritized in order to see the clear path forward.

John K. Whitehead

Leadership, Executive, Interpersonal Communications, Emotional Intelligence, Resiliency, Small Business We assist individuals and organizations in becoming more effective by improving their interpersonal communications, emotional intelligence and resiliency. To accomplish this we use:

Lorna Wilson

Individual Coaching, Non Profit Coaching I love supporting my clients as they free themselves from self-limiting beliefs, take risks and reach their full potential. Let me help you create a roadmap that will energize you to rediscover the passion within you.